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DOFI is a powerful CFD simulation tool dedicated to complex internal and external flows.

DOFI is a powerful CFD simulation tool dedicated to complex internal and external flows. DOFI is designed to tackle any flow problem, from incompressible to low and high speed flows, from mono-phase to multiphase flows including heat and species transport problems. It combines completely unstructured hexahedral grids with an efficient pre-conditioned compressible solver which employs fast agglomerated multigrid acceleration and adaptive techniques. DOFI allows users to freely develop and exchange physical models in CFD with a new open approach. Main features of DOFI:

  • Steady and unsteady problems
  • Incompressible and compressible flows
  • Heat transfer
  • Species transport
  • Turbulence models (RANS, LES, DNS)
  • Multiphases flows
  • Wind turbine flows



  • Automatic meshing (DMESH)
  • Post-traitement included (Paraview ®)
  • Species transport
  • Complex coupling *
  • Compatibility with Fluent Ansys ® *
  • * Only with DOFI Premium package




DOFI Professional
  • The new DOFI interface to easily access to CFD.
  • With dedicated CFD solvers.
DOFI Premium
  • Thermal coupling and much more soon.
  • Compatibility with Fluent Ansys.
DOFI Server
  • Easily manage your CFD CPU power.
  • Benefit DOFI Professional or DOFI Premium.


DOFI Professional

DOFI Professional license provides you a full access to the CFD world supporting a wide range of modelling from incompressible to compressible flows, from laminar to turbulent flows and multiphase flows. In addition, DOFI is constantly updated with the newest functions that you can constantly benefited from our including maintenance supports. DOFI can be either rented or purchased while maintenance fee allows user to work ever with the latest CFD version. DOFI Professional license is the link to outstanding CFD including pre-and post-treatment at an affordable price. The proposed license is valid for a single machine.

DOFI Premium

In addition to the already rich features of DOFI Professional, DOFI Premium license offers two additional main options; compatibility with FLUENT ANSYS® and complex coupling. The latter is useful for those who want to address solid/fluid(s) problem in a clever and easy way; Coupling is straightforward in DOFI. In addition, reading/writing/relaunching .cas and .dat Fluent format files provides a great flexibility to DOFI Premium. Our CFD teams assist our DOFI Premium customer at every stage of the development and continuously improve the FLUENT ANSYS® connection. The proposed license is valid for a single machine.

DOFI Server

Benefit DOFI Professional or DOFI Premium on your server and easily manage your CFD CPU power to your engineering needs. Buy a given number of DOFI license and the latter are available and distributed through the DOFI Server app.

Try it for free with no limits❗

Get a free 30 days (one-month) trial version to explore your capability with DOFI to the fullest.

We offer our services with pride, yet truly understand that the endless imagination and diverse expertise of users also bring benefits to the development of DOFI. Therefore, the trial version is delivered with all functions activated. There are no limitations and no differences between the trial copy and a fully licensed version. The trial license can only work on a single machine. We hope you enjoy your trial!