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DOFI is a powerful CFD simulation tool dedicated to complex internal and external flows.

DOFI is a powerful CFD simulation tool dedicated to complex internal and external flows. DOFI is designed to tackle any flow problem, from incompressible to low and high speed flows, from mono-phase to multiphase flows including heat and species transport problems. It combines completely unstructured hexahedral grids with an efficient pre-conditioned compressible solver which employs fast agglomerated multigrid acceleration and adaptive techniques. DOFI allows users to freely develop and exchange physical models in CFD with a new open approach. Main features of DOFI:

  • Steady and unsteady problems
  • Incompressible and compressible flows
  • Heat transfer
  • Species transport
  • Turbulence models (RANS, LES, DNS)
  • Multiphases flows
  • Wind turbine flows



  • Automatic meshing (DMESH)
  • Post-traitement included (Paraview ®)
  • Species transport
  • Complex coupling *
  • Compatibility with Fluent Ansys ® *
  • * Only with DOFI Premium package




DOFI Professional
  • The new DOFI interface to easily access to CFD.
  • With dedicated CFD solvers.
DOFI Premium
  • Thermal coupling and much more soon.
  • Compatibility with Fluent Ansys.
DOFI Server
  • Easily manage your CFD CPU power.
  • Benefit DOFI Professional or DOFI Premium.

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**DMESH** is a meshing tool applicable to complex geometries which handles two types of meshing technique. The first one generates non-conformal body-fitted all-hexahedral unstructured meshes, which can be applied to complex arbitrary geometries. In addition, advanced smoothing capability provides high-quality boundary layer insertion. The second one generates hexahedral structural meshes by using the multi-blocks techniques. Meshes with high-quality viscous layers can be generated using a novel method which produces a continuous transition between viscous layers and the neighboring mesh. * Hexahedral, non-conformal grids * Direct CAD import in STL format, ... * Specific mesh refinement criteria individually applied on surfaces or boxes * Flow field distributions (velocity, pressure, temperature, ...) * Multi-domain meshing capabilities * High-quality viscous layers * Direct export to DOFI for CFD simulations DOFI accepts a wide range of mesh formats such as //Gambit, T-Grid, STAR-CCM,// ...In addition DOFI allows user to export mesh from DOFI to other CFD solver such as Fluent. Users can refer to the DOFI documentation for additional information. {{ :video_mesh.gif?nolink |}}

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